Sunday 6 May 2007

Definition of Success

When prompted with the question, “What is your definition of success?”, it seems that everyone has an answer. When averaged out over a prolonged period of time, our state of mind depends whether we meet our definition of success. If we do, we may feel satisfied, happy, content, joy, etc. If we don’t, we may feel rejected, dejected, abandoned, angry (at ourselves and/or at others), shame, depressed etc.

Do you believe that your definition of success in life often consciously or subconsciously guides you to move forward in life? Do you believe that it governs what you think and how you think, therefore how you feel about yourself and others, and therefore how you behave?

If your answer is "Yes or probably", read on ...

Do you find that your definition of success is now in your way of seeking your happiness in life?

If your answer is "Yes or probably", read on ...

  • See if you've set too high an expectation for yourself and set yourself up to fall.
  • See if your definition of success is in line with your purpose in life.
  • See if you've defined your success in terms of the outcome of a journey instead of focusing on the journey itself.
  • Mine is expressed in the form of an epitaph: "He used well what he was given". Now, may I know yours? ...

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  1. Success is to be happy with what you have!!!

  2. Hi Rosario,

    I couldn't agree with you more! :)