Sunday 10 June 2007

A quiz ...

Can you be open and forget your biases for a moment? ... allow me to have the privilege to walk with you for the next moment of your life ... take a deep breath to ground yourself .. now read on ..

Pick one of the following quizzes that suits you ...

Quiz A:
  • If you were God, and you're going to judge every action of a person in terms of his/her intent, effort, and the outcome, where would you put your primary emphasis on (i.e., intent, effort, or outcome)?

Quiz B:
  • If you've the power to decide how the world should judge you and to judge you in terms of your intent, effort, and the outcome of your every action, where would you put your primary emphasis on (i.e., intent, effort, or outcome)?
  • If your answer is different from what the world is, does it make sense to continue judging yourself based what others think, instead of basing on what your heart tells you?
  • Many times in our life, things simply did not turn out as expected no matter how hard we tried. So .. have we failed? or simply that the outcomes did not turn out as expected ..
  • The notion of failure can be crippling - at the very best, it can be used as a stick to drive one or others towards a goal. It stifles creativity .. it insidiously keeps one from moving forward in a way that is life enriching .. it robs joy from our lives .. it may bring one down to a state of helplessness and hopelessness. Do you wonder if there is a practical way to mitigate the detrimental impact of the notion of failure?.. Yes, there is - the secret lies in your answer to this quiz!

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  1. The following comments are transferred from the previous comment section of "A quiz ..."
    gequian said...

    This is a very interesting quiz. When I focus my primary emphasis action
    on my intent and effort I can feel peace and positive feedback. When I
    judge myself in terms of the outcome I feel dissatisfaction, rage,
    resentment, guilt.... !! O GOD... this is not peace!!! HELP I feel
    Thanks for this wonderful insight, now I understand why sometimes I feel miserable.
    18 May 2007 14:40

    pebble said...

    Hi gequian,

    Congratulations! :)
    I'm amazed by your ability to allow your mind and your heart to traverse in one direction and switch 180 degrees to the opposite direction. You've a real gift in doing what you aspire to do! It is a privilege to cross path with you ..
    22 May 2007 04:39

  2. Hey Uncle Roch! Where do you get all these ideas? Are they mostly from articles you've read, or just stuff you've been mulling over? Interesting work!

  3. Hi CK,

    Mostly from my last 30 years of mulling over .. and of course, I gained my insights by "standing on the shoulders of the giants" [Sir Isaac Newton (
    ha! ha! :)